Heshers and Uncle Lucian. #latergram #myfavorites
Guess who starts DPS ECE next week? #whatheshwore #h&m #vans #fjallraven #itshardbeinghesh  (at Wills HQ )
Like Father, Like Son 💤 #lazysunday
Sundays…  (at Wills HQ )
"W" for Wills or Mr. Grumpy Pants hates pictures taken of him so he does really inappropriate gestures. #datenight  (at Uncle)
Dad’s Home. 💗 (at Wills HQ )
No broken arm! Whew. Elle is tired & sore but A-OK. Got out of the ER under 6 hours! That’s a new record for The Wills. Now picking up Josh at the airport. I’m pooped. 😔
Nothing like starting out the weekend with the ambulance called to the house while your at work and now at the ER for a possible broken arm. Uncle! Uncle! #sayuncle  (at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital ER)
Tough love tonight with Mr. Hesh. Made chicken pot pie for dinner refused to eat it because it had carrots in it, had to “This is what’s for dinner, eat or don’t”. He chose don’t. Mama doesn’t play that game and for sure not that mama who makes different meals for picky kids. We’ve done this once with all the kids and never happened again. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard not to crumble to that sweet little face. #toughlove #itshardbeinghesh  (at Wills HQ )
I’ve never noticed until I was making our bed this morning how untouched I leave @joshuawills side of the bed when he’s out of town. Does anyone else do this? I wonder if it means anything? Also, I’m ready for him to come home now. #imissmyboo  (at Wills HQ )
Can’t stop looking at these beautiful new weavings that just arrived @svperordinarydnvr from  @karaannemcmullen. #weaving #svperordinary  (at Super Ordinary)
Evening pool sesh so they can burn off some of that crazy energy.  (at TAXI)
School registration for one kiddo down, 3 more to go!  (at East High School (Denver))
Soaking up the Super Moon tonight from our rooftop. #supermoon 🌙🌌 (at Wills HQ )