I forgot how awesome shows at the Hi-Dive were! Josh and I danced our old asses off. So fun! #sylvanesso  #hidive  (at Hi-Dive Denver)
Excited to finally try out Kobe An Shabu Shabu and off to the Hi-Dive for Sylvan Esso! #datenight  (at Kobe An Shabu Shabu)
Guess who just scored a new backpack today at @topodesignsflagship 40% OFF Labor Day Sale! His crappy one from Target was falling apart. A little big for now but this one for sure will last all the way through grade school! #topodesigns #whatheshwore #itshardbeinghesh  (at Topo Designs)
Chinese take-out, movie rental and dinner in the living room. A rare treat for these guys and also because this mama is exhausted and being lazy tonight. One more night until papa is home! #momlife  (at Wills HQ )
It’s the perfect chilly day to rotate out my summer drink of iced Bhakti chai for an amazing cup of hot chocolate made with chocolate ganache. #fuckyourpumpkinspicelatte  (at Boxcar Coffee Roasters)
Day 2 of Pre-K. Today parents  weren’t allowed to walk them to their classroom. Both parties cried today. 😭#itshardbeinghesh  (at Friends of Teller Elementary)
Pre-K. Now all our babes are full-time public school kids. My productivity level just went up 100% more than normal. #bittersweet #itshardbeinghesh  (at Friends of Teller Elementary)
3 out 4 First Day of School. Look how stoked Hesh looks! 😳  (at Wills HQ )
Back to SF this guy goes for another week. Very thankful for him. He works so hard and sacrifices so much for our little family. If you can believe it or not he’s got a sad puppy face underneath all that beard. Tomorrow he’s missing the kids first day of school and maybe slightly worried about the whole earthquake thing. Babe, crush that Holiday catalog!
Nugg’s is definitely one of our new fave ice cream joints. 🍦 (at Nuggs Ice Cream)
Heshers gettin’ cleaned up before he starts school Monday withy the one and only @proper_barber. #itshardbeinghesh #properbarbershop #yeahbud #backtoschoolhaircut  (at Proper Barbershop)
Saturday view @svperordinarydnvr. I think at one point there was 80 people in here at one time today. 😳 Feelin’ very grateful. 🙏 #svpersaturday #svperordinary #shoplocal #denver #denvershopping #thesourcedenver  (at Super Ordinary)
Heshers and Uncle Lucian. #latergram #myfavorites
Guess who starts DPS ECE next week? #whatheshwore #h&m #vans #fjallraven #itshardbeinghesh  (at Wills HQ )