Sundays are for voting and catching up with Yohji. #designercrush #vote #sundayfunday #yohjiyamamoto #highsnobiety  (at Wills HQ )
Perfect and a sunny day for lunch in the garden at Domo. This kid cracks me up. πŸ˜‚ #itshardbeinghesh  (at Domo Japanese Country Foods)
Pure. Joy.
Mr. Noah providing music for Warm Cookies of the Revolution - a civic health club. Everyone who attended help create a musical mixtape exploring and celebrating Civil Rights - past, present and future. It was really cool to watch him represent East High School as a student and be part of a really amazing community event. #warmcookiesoftherevolution #civichealthclub #denverevents #denver #denvercommunity  (at McNichols Building)
If you have some time the Fashion / Culture Photography Exhibit at the McNichols Building is a really solid show and it’ll be up until the end of this year. #denverphotography #denverfashion #denverart #mcnichols #denver  (at McNichols Building)
Now it’s official @joshuawills. #thebeard
πŸ’—πŸ’— #itshardbeinghesh  (at Work & Class)
My favorite human and goofball is having a baby boy! Congrats @saraford @leadpaintpopsicles! I can’t wait to squeeze this sweet little guy! What a beautiful baby shower @thesmalls!  (at Black Eye Coffee Shop)
Gloomy Sundays are for catching up on magazines and Ello-ing by the fire. @joshuawills is letting me take it easy, I haven’t been feeling too hot so he’s taking care of the babes and cleaning the house before he heads out to Miami for a few days. #raremoment #ello #sundayfunday #kinfolk  (at Wills HQ )
We are SVPER honored to present “Paradox” a collection of road trip photographs and drawing by Denver’s own @evanhecox. Please join us for the Opening Reception tomorrow night @svperordinarydnvr from 6p-10p. I highly suggest you run not walk for this one. The show is incredible! 😍#evanhecox #denverart #svperordinary #denver #secondsaturday  (at Super Ordinary)
Grooming For The Greater Good #properbarbershop #yeahbud #werk
I think I’m going to quit this whole entrepreneurial thing and become a stage mom @joshuawills @pbarriosart @brycav @thesmalls @mr_audet @stevenwaters πŸ˜‰Photo shoot for Bell + Whistle @nicoledstylist #jenniferolsonphotography #bellandwhistle #itshardbeinghesh  (at The Source Marketplace)
Pink hard hats FTW! @thesmalls and I checking out the beautiful view of the common area deck @luminadenver and brainstorming ideas for the new @basecoatnailsalon. Gah! We can’t wait to be open already. #lumina #basecoatnailsalon #denver #regram  (at Lumina)
After dinner stroll