We’re geeking out over here! See you all this Saturday for 20 Years of @chocolateskateboards at @svperordinarydnvr from 6p-11p. #20yearsofchocolate #chocoloateskateboards #evanhecox #svperordinary #denverart  (at Super Ordinary)
Someone’s not going be very happy with me here in about 15 minutes when he has to get his vaccines. 😳 #itshardbeinghesh (at Cherry Creek Pediatrics)
@joshuawills starting our monthly brunch dates again. Our life is bananas and we’ve doing this for about two years now when the kids start back at school. We pick a morning that we are both semi free, drop off the kids at school and head right over to our favorite spot. We take a big breath, catch up each other on life, work, projects, talk about our relationship and the best part of all it’s just really nice to just hang out with each for a little in the day because by the time we both get home from work at night it’s crazy town at The Wills.  (at Lucille’s)
Turned the garage into Noah’s music studio this weekend. @joshuawills and I extremely happy that he found something he loves and we are 100% behind him and will do whatever it takes to help him succeed.  (at Wills HQ )
Ladies & Gents stop by @svperordinarydnvr tonight from 5p-8p @native_daughter Jewelry is visiting us from Oakland for a one night only trunk show and Proper Pour is making a fancy punch us. We’ll also have the football game on the big screen in the commom area @thesourcedenver.  (at Super Ordinary)
I’ve been meaning to post this all day. Better late than never. Happy World Beard Day to my two favorite beardos. #latergram #worldbeardday
@joshuawills and I are looking forward on collaborating on a fun new design project with awesome our neighbors @cart_driver!  (at Cart-Driver Denver)
Closer look. Hand cut paper sculptures and lit from behind. Incredible! @harianddeepti @thumbdemon #denverart #firstfridaydenver #harianddeepti
Congrats @thumbdemon @iratherdraw. What a beautiful show! #denverart #firstfridaydenver  (at Black Book Gallery)
@brycav and I did a photo shoot today for @svperordinarydnvr but it really should of been for GQ. Just sayin’. #GQ #svperordinary  (at Super Ordinary)
If you have not been able to check out @optimysticism exhibit  @svperordinarydnvr make sure to stop by tonight for First Friday, this is the last weekend for the show. #firstfridaydenver #denverart #gemmadaniellebayly #rinoart #svperordinary #artwalk  (at Super Ordinary)
Waiting for Mr. Josh to get home from SF, putting together my outfits for @svperordinarydnvr shoot and bracing myself for another crazy day of meetings tomorrow.  (at Wills HQ )
@joshuawills and I are grateful every day to have so many talented and humble friends who surround us  especially friends who take time out of their extremely busy lives to teach your kiddo their craft. Thank you @cacheflowe. We love you and can’t thank you enough! 💗
Friends clear your calendar for Second Saturday, Sept.13th from 6p-11p. We are beyond honored and svper excited to be hosting 20 Years of @chocolateskateboards @svperordinarydnvr! Thank you again to our dear friend @evanhecox for making it all happen. #denverart #chocolateskateboards #20yearsofchocolate #svperordinary #evanhecox