Starting to get my invites for #NYFW! Thank you @rebeccaminkoff I’ll see you in a couple weeks!  (Taken with Instagram at HQ )
#nyfw Re-Cap. I sat behind Robert Verdi & Miss J! Yup.  (Taken with instagram)
The best 20 minutes ever! #rebeccaminkoff #nyfw  (Taken with instagram)
This is crazy can’t believe I’m here. #nyfw  (Taken with instagram)
Theophilus London Opening #rebeccaminkoff #nyfw  (Taken with instagram)
On my way to the Lincoln Center for more meetings. #nyfw  (Taken with instagram)
Who wants to brave the snowstorm tomorrow and help me organize my poor neglected closet and help me pack for #NYFW! I will give you a pair of shoes, maybe ;)  (Taken with instagram)